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Europe and Central America: March 2024
South America: April 2024

Online Jewish education for curious boys, girls and young people

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Europe and Central America: March 2023
South America: April 2023


hakikar is a new online Jewish education proposal for curious children and young people.

haKikar offers the opportunity for your children to access a vibrant Jewish education through original and interactive content based on our tradition.

Do you want your children to be able to have a Jewish education even if there is no Jewish school nearby?
Did you decide not to attend the one that exists but you want them to receive knowledge of Judaism anyway?

HaKikar is an initiative brought by the Pincus Center: it ensures international quality standards in all its educational programs.


Weekly online training
The new online training models allow us to link and unite children and young people from different areas even if they are isolated or far from each other.
Content and pedagogy
In each class the teachers will combine the different thematic blocks. Interactive, fun and dynamic classes that have been prepared by the pedagogical development team of the Pincus Center and the haKikar teaching team.
Guardians / Teachers
We seek that each teacher adapts the contents to the culture of each region. This assumes that the teachers are local professionals, from each country and region. Specialists in the education of children and young people and in Jewish education.
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We provide quality Jewish education based on 5 content groups: Hebrew – Masoret – Sipurei haTanaj + History – Zionism and Israel – Parashat HaShavua. Additionally, two extra contents are available through downloadable materials to be done at home as a family: Omanut (crafts) and Family Shabbat.

Of course. All boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 11 can participate regardless of where they live.

The teaching staff is made up of local morim / morot specialized in Jewish education and early childhood education.

Each region has its own teachers. There is a very large teaching group that covers the different time zones.

Our program is not affiliated with any movement. It provides Jewish education based on respect and tolerance. Torah – Avoda – Gemilut Hassadim

The Pincus Center ensures international quality standards in all its educational programs. The training we offer your children has a monthly cost of US$50, which at this time is fully subsidized by the Pincus Center.

It is our purpose to expand this program that offers plural, open, quality and global Jewish education to more girls, boys and young people who need it. For this, we need your collaboration: click here for donations.

Yes, of course you can. It is an additional way to meet and make more friends and at the same time, learn!

Classes are held twice a week for one hour each. They are online, via videoconference.

There will be specific materials so that they can accompany them and do activities with them if they wish.

The program is currently carried out in Spanish. In a few months it will also be developed in English.

Europe and Central America: March 2023
South America: April 2023